In August 2013, for 2 days in a row…. I saw HOMIN at Nissan Stadium TIME TOUR FINALE.  That was a dream come true..  We made history… Yunho, Changmin & I.  A valuable journey I will never forget for the rest of my life. I could not be more proud to share that moment with them, an honored privilege. An AWESOME one!

They say once you’ve seen Tohoshinki in Japan, you will be drugged, addicted to see them again.  But watching Yunho & Changmin LIVE in Japan is incomparable to any other concerts anywhere.  I agree…

So….. here I am back yet again for TREE TOUR in TOKYO DOME….

This time I am with Sylvia, @momis50 my best friend for so many years on Twitter & Uknow Yunho thread at Asianfanatics.  Last year, she made preparations to be at the TIME TOUR, but unfortunately was not able to make it at the very last minute.  So being here at TOKYO DOME for Tree, is a very special moment for both of us….To be with Yunho, our mentor our Prince whom Sylvia calls `her cyber son’.

We arrived the day before.  We will be in Japan for 10 days.  In that period we’ll be seeing 3 days of Tokyo Dome performances & 1 day of Osaka.  We’re ecstatic.

TOKYO Dome Day #1  ~ 20th May

We both couldn’t read Japanese. On the ticket, there’s 2 timings indicated 1600 and 1800… I thought they meant concert start & end time.  So we arrived at Tokyo Dome early at 1pm.

The grand entrance has a huge banner of YUNHO & CHANGMIN with the word GANBARO !! Nice !!
And everyone who was there took pictures of it HAHA.... Can't go to a concert without a grand banner aye !! Of course !


D1 gate1

We found an egg pancake & potato wedges stall for a late light lunch.  We’re surprised that its already pass 2pm but yet the crowd was not that big waiting around near the gates.

There’s so many male supporters who came with their wives & girlfriends.  This couple was so cool, he’s a big fan of Yunho.  They sat down resting at the snack stall listening to HOMIN playing from his phone.  He’s a big Yunho fan for so many years. Sylvia just had to grab a picture.

Infact, Sylvia took photos everywhere.  Its her first time in Japan & her first time too to see HOMIN here…. I was more than glad to be an `unpaid photographer’ LOL !!!  Better she in the pictures than me, I am the shy type.

D1-red couple

Japan’s Tohoshinki fandom is a fascinating one.  The age group is amazing. `Ahjumma’ or aunty fans will never feel left out here.  There are so many loyal & older fans… but no less enthusiastic.  All of them decked up & geared in the TREE TOUR tees that had added-on glitters customized; some even handmade by themselves…

This wonderful lady is so cute & full of energy. She’s there with her daughter…. Both seeing our boys in concert for the first time, just like cybermom.

D1 girl & mom


3.45pm I was still thinking that the concert was starting at 1600hrs, at 4pm. But why were people still strolling & waiting at that time?  Later we found out that 4pm was the time when the GATE OPENS.  6pm was the actual time the concert will begin…..DUH !!!!  hahaha…

Our seat was way at the right side of the stage.  I was kind of disappointed because from where we were, our view of the boys when they perform at the center of the main stage will be blocked.  I was worried that Sylvia too will be disappointed… but she was all smiles.

“Don’t worry SARA… I am here not only to see Yunho, but to feel the atmosphere of the Dome. Besides, this is only our 1st day.”

That’s true.  Besides, if  Yunho came all the way to the end of the right side of the stage, he’ll be so close & clear to see.  Also, from where we were, we got to see the entire view of Tokyo Dome.  It was as if we were seeing from the stage side, being there on the stage looking at the audience.

CONCERT D1 (seat profile)

CONCERT D1 (sylvia bigsmile)

Sylvia was overwhelmed by the size of TOKYO dome.  She’s doubtful that the venue will be filled up.  I told her to just wait and see the magic that will happen 1 hour before the concert.  And true enough, fans were flooding in during that last hour.  It was an amazing sight to see..

Its seriously mind boggling how TOHOSHINKI can pack a full audience all 4 dates at Tokyo Dome.  The venue is massive, no other Korean artiste can beat this power our boys have.  I span my eyes around the entire venue in awe.


No announcement, no warning…. The HALL LIGHTS CAME DOWN and in an instant the entire Tokyo Dome turned RED.. Everyone screamed & stood up all at once.  It was amazing.

The opening video was on. Sylvia’s eyes & mine were transfixed not on the video but at the RED OCEAN before us.  It was so beautiful.  From then onwards, the Red Ocean was lighted on ALL THE WAY to the end, never once it was turned off.

CONCERT D1 (red ocean)

From our angle it was as if we were seeing the RED OCEAN from Yunho & Changmin’s view. I was drowned in emotions… Sylvia was speechless.  A faint smile on her lips but her eyes glistened with tears.

The audience screamed, something was happening at center stage but we couldn’t see… The screen showed Yunho & Changmin’s image in hooded robes. We screamed too…. Yunho’s lips blood red & his nose OMG. His image look sexy & dangerous even then, just like that.  We both went crazy.


I can’t remember the concert order specifically.  Don’t hate me for this. You can read song by song account of the concert from other fan accounts.  Me & Sylvia were there to see Yunho. Mark his every move, carved it in our brain.  Yes, well at least we tried to as much as we can LOL.

Then Homin started talking to us, welcoming us to Tokyo Dome.  OMGG just hearing Yunho’s voice booming throughout the entire dome gave me goosebumps. Every word he spoke went straight to my heart, making me feel warm inside.  What is it that is in his voice that make us feel that way all the time?

Most actions at center stage were blocked from us, we had to satisfy ourselves by looking at the screen just next to us.  But when Homin walked forward to the circular stage, our view was fantastic. We had the entire view of their action with the audience. I braved myself to take a couple of pictures.  It was risky… but I had to. Like back in Nissan, I needed something to prove to myself I was there. LOL

CONCERT D1 (red ocean3)


I screamed like a mad women when the intro music went on. The ladies beside me laughed.

When Homin started singing, everyone just stood there with their penlight.  We were swaying, immersing ourselves with every word in the lyrics.  Some of us were singing along softly.

And when Yunho sang the chorus `Ai wo motto’ repeating it 3 times…. I was DONE!!  His beautiful voice echoed, filled with emotion.  It tugged my heart and welled up my eyes with tears.  His voice could not have been more beautiful than that very moment….  The emotions he expressed, my heart was bursting. It’s hard to explain.  THAT has got to be one of the best moment for me, seriously.


Yunho must have known our views were blocked.  He came over to the side of the stage several times and each time staying there, never stopped waving at us who were screaming like lunatics LOL.  Yes lunatics…. Just look at these pictures I tried to take. You could hardly see a thing.

When we saw the moving stage that travel around the dome came out from the side we were so excited.  Homin travelled twice during the entire concert on that thing…. Well as expected the crowd went wild.

Sylvia and I knew our seat the next day would be lower on the 1st floor.  We crossed our fingers that we’d get one of those seats that’s just the vehicle’s height.  Then Yunho would be just infront of us as he pass.


The entire concert went by like a breeze…. Somehow it felt short to me.  Being seated at the `blind spot seats’ didn’t matter at all.  The video screen paid for it coz we never missed a single shot of Yunho’s cuteness & sexy expressions he made to the camera.  And my GOD he made so many of those that night.  It was as if he knew when the camera would be on & each gesture was directed at every one of us..!!

Most of all that night the RED OCEAN stole our hearts.  Indeed we ARE a fantastic audience & supportive fans aren’t we?  Not only was the RED OCEAN lighted all the way…. Everyone in the audience was UP ON THEIR FEET throughout the concert. We were seated only during the video clips or when Yunho & Changmin told us to sit down.  The stamina of the Japanese audience was amazing.  The really had strong legs…. Sylvia who sprained her ankle slightly at the airport on the way to Japan was finding it hard to cope but she did.

CONCERT D1 (angel)

This was THE BEST PICTURE I took that night.  It looks magical doesn’t it.  I didn’t know it would look this good when I took it.  They look like angels floating with rays of light shining on them and the glittering Red Ocean surrounding them. Simply magical….

I can’t explain the emotions I feel seeing this image.  Infact I got greedy and started recording a video…. Note, the screaming voices you hear was not mine, its Sylvia's (LOL)

I risked being caught by the security and thrown out for good. I was lucky they just glared & I knew I have crossed the line.  I threw my Note 3 in my bag right away after that & never took it out… They looked so fierce… its scary.  Depending on where we’d be seated at the next concerts, I am not sure if I wanna to risk ever again.

Anyways ….1 down….. 3 more to go !!!!  I am excited about tomorrow and the next concert on Sunday as well as in Osaka... but part of me too are afraid that as soon as it starts... too soon it will end. But HEY.. for now Ganbare !!!!


Hello friends,

Its been 2 months almost since the NISSAN... you guys probably have read so many fan accounts already including my DAY 1 posted a couple of weeks after the event.  If you are asking why I am delaying my DAY 2 is because of some photos issues.  I promised some friends in Japan that I should not take any pictures while I was at the concert.  But just for my record, I did snap a couple.... i could not help it.  I know I actually betrayed their trust because these are the friends who helped me get my NISSAN TIME TOUR tickets ...

I didn't mean to betray their trust in me seriously... But I had to have some evidence of my presence there not because I want to show off to other fans -- Just for momentos sake for myself.

Why I Broke the Rules @ Nissan Tour Concert


Most of us are always in a trance like state whenever we are at TVXQ concert.  I don't know about you but I have been to TVXQ 5 concert twice and to HOMIN a couple but each time... I felt like I was in an out of body experience.  When I was there, I was so immersed in the experience, many times I came back not remembering the full thing that happened there.  I sometimes even forget the songs they sang HAHAHA.  The overflowing emotions I have just standing on the same ground as Yunho at that time was already so intense for me every time... All I could think of was to keep my eyes on him and never missed a split second.  Despite how far or how close my seats were.

I am not a fanatical fan who takes every picture every video -- I will just take one or two so that when I return... i have something to look back on for myself & to remember I was there in that crowd.

After such experience ofcoz  one cannot pass without spazzing with some fans who knew you went there & kept asking `How was it?’.  There are hundreds of legal & illegal fancams or photos floating on the internet each time the boys had their LIVE CONCERT.  The ones I take probably weren't any worth of quality compared to theirs.... But they are needed for me to SPAZZ with my close friends. It makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Is there any harm in this???  Can't I take some pictures barely a handful for my friends and me?


Overseas fans do not have THAT PRIVILEGE LIKE THE JAPANESE fans who follow THSK  to so many venues since they started their TIME tour. Most Japanese fans we met in real life or online have seen them at an average of minimum 4 times during this year's tour ... It is true, you can never get tired of seeing HOMIN Live on stage.

NISSAN, for me and my fellow fangirl on twitter @lubemyshinki, was the epitome of all LIVE EXPERIENCE for Homin this year.

No amount of pinching ourselves silly will ensure us later that we were not dreaming...

Just a couple of picture shots and brief videos we snapped `illegally' were what we have to claim that we were not crazy or in a daze-like trance through out the whole experience...

Japanese fans have seen them so many times during TIME tour alone... Sticking to the rules of no photos and no videos would be easier for them to resist perhaps. Overseas fans like me and my fangirl friend, we broke it not for anyone but only for ourselves. We are not popular bloggers or representatives of some website or forums. People who share their photos and videos of every event all the time with netizens.  We are just eager fans who sincerely love HOMIN and wanted some spazz moments with friends who are close to us on cyberspace.


To the Japanese, honesty & trust is carried to the core where it should be for all of us too.  I was sincere and honest when I said I promise I won't break the rule.  But I am just human, a fan with so much passion . The temptation to keep something for myself wss just too great..    Realising how close my seats were to Yunho's side stage.... I could not stop myself but recorded 2 brief less than 30 seconds video of him as he passed.  And during the finale when our wristband lights were all lighted as Yunho & Changmin sang the last song... I rolled my phone cam to capture the red ocean -- it was too moving for me to just store in in my memory.. I needed some video reference for myself.

I am really sorry.....


When I post my fan account this weekend – u will see that my photos & videos are not even that great (LOL)

But….I can't write my fan account experience in my journal without posting those pictures and videos.  Because of that I waited till the NISSAN TIME TOUR fever has all died down.  After everyone's videos & photos have extensively been posted on the internet.... I think by doing so, perhaps my dearest friends who would feel offended at me breaking the concert rule would not feel as angry as they would be.  Would they?  

Maybe its not about the period of posting.... It's about the fact that I have given my word to them.

But I hope THIS post would give them the picture of THE TRUTH behind me breaking that rule.  Please don't hate me.  As you can see even for my LIve Journal... I don't have many followers who would repost my work.  I have such small number of views.. most of them are my close friends.  If they reposted my account somewhere else... please forgive them.  They are just excited fans who wanted to share the excitement of another fan who were there and seen it all LIVE.  At no time are we people who wanted to PROMOTE the pictures and be proud that our VIDEOS posted had the most views...NEVER...

Some of you may asked.. Why create a big issue about this on your Live Journal? Since it's all over already, just post them cos they might not know afterall coz your viewership is low anyways..

Well, I respect these new friends I have made & have met in person in Japan... They are such nice people I want to keep as friends I know, fans of Yunho and Changmin that I respect equally as I respect the boys.  I also do not want to appear as a fake to these kind people who have helped me even back when they did not know me or have met me before.    I prefer to come clean, express my true feelings and hope they would understand my reasons.

So.... that is why I am writing this before I even posted my DAY 2 account...

Please forgive me..... Please understand me ..... Please don't exclude me from being your friend after this.....

~ Sara (yunho-1-only)

TOHOTOWN @ Nissan Stadium (Time Tour Finale 2013)

I know you guys are waiting for my DAY 2 account at the Nissan Stadium concert, but I am posting this first because I feel no concert experience is complete without TOHOTOWN activities and the Goods you find there.

We were supposed to meet @natsumi81 at 2pm in Shin-Yokohama station, but our arrival from Tokyo was slightly delayed cause we had to bring all our luggage from Tokyo hotel with us to Yokohama on the public train.  It srsly was an embarrassment to be late when u hv made an appointment with any Japanese person.  They are always punctual… !!!  But we needed to leave our luggage at the hotel lobby then proceed to the concert venue.

Temperature 38 degrees Celsius
Time: approx. 3pm

Date: Saturday 17th August  (DAY 1 of Nissan Time Tour Finale)

TRAIN Bound to Shin-Yokohama with BIGEASTs onboard…

We rode the train & saw several people on board who are BIGEAST fans and probably others going for the event.  The same line came from Tokyo too, not surprising if they were from TOKYO traveling more than 30 mins to the concert venue.


Haha.. I got you there, no it wasn’t the `real’ changmin, just his image on the carrier bag.  A BigEAST fan was carrying it on the train.  Sorry that this picture showed CM was `on the floor’ LOL…

Shin-Yokohama station was already crowded when we got there to meet Natsumi.  We didn’t know how she look like but she noticed us first – which is not so difficult because we most definitely look foreign HAHAHA.  We felt connected from the start with Natsumi… there were no awkwardness at all.  She speaks little English so we had to converse with her in Japanese.


It was only 2.30pm, Natsumi led us t the stadium saying that we should go to TOHOTOWN.  I had no idea what she meant. I thought that she was referring to a café near the stadium or a place of that sort. It took about 15 mins leisurely walk from the station to the Nissan Stadium.  Even at that hour people are flowing towards the stadium in drones already.

The white tents signify the TOHOTOWN area from afar.  This is the first time I knew and heard of the term TOHOTOWN – yes u can kick me for this.  I never knew the goods & treats area at every concert is named this.

Surprisingly the queue was not very long.  They had many booths so we needed only to wait for less than half hour till we get our goods.

The board with the list of things still available & out of stock is my first REALITY CHECK that I am actually at a TOHOSHINKI FINALE.  I don’t normally collect these items … but twitter friends who knew I was going to be there have asked me to buy some.  And since it is NISSAN Historical Concert, I need to have a couple of momentos for myself and of cause my dearest closest friend @momis46 who could not be there.

The booth are very organized and well managed… It took me only 5 minutes to speak with them and get all the items I wanted.

Here are the spoils that I got not including some I bought for my friends..They are not much...
Believe it or not – I bought that hat and wore it all the way from then on HAHAHA!!  And I got the Uknow receipt --- YEAHHHH !!!


This place is a buzz with noise of people in loud speakers directing the queue and of those who are touting and selling things.  We finally came to the food and desserts area….

800 yen for an ice crush dessert that was specially created by HOMIN. That’s almost SG$10 for a cup.  I didn’t buy it – only @natsumi81 & @lubemyshinki had them…. Well I have to keep shooting pictures and videos right HAHA.  I had a taste though, it was rather too sweet for me.


Well of course, what LIVE event without these picture boards right.  They were huge and always with people crowding for pictures.  Nope you won’t see me standing infront one ….. I prefer to be behind the camera HAHAHA !!

I wished the TRUCK is there, that would be really great.

Why didn't I pose a picture infront of these boards ?? LOL -- didn't want to spoil the whole composition.  Yunho look so good in there already -- I'd only destroy that beauty HAHAHA !!  Well I am shy and prefer the anonimity in a way --- That upsets Natsumi & my dearest Atiqah too cos they are ones mostly in my pictures ... but hey, at least they are free to enjoy everything and have a personal photographer to handle the shots LOL !!!  I was just happy to be there !!

BUT --- IT IT WAS THE REAL YUNHO out there at TOHOTOWN !!! DAMN the shyness -- I will take a picture with him & post only my shots no -one else HAHAHAHA !!!

---- HERE WE COME !!!!!!

We were early but the gates were already open… while walking we see rows and rows of people seated on the side waiting for their gates to open, but no one were unhappy or complaining… Everyone were patiently waiting. Things were so orderly… Its amazing!!

The walk up to the stadium entrance filled my heart with so much emotions… I felt it almost exploded.  The banners bearing TOHOSHINKI name is all around standing tall – so proud moving with the wind as if beckoning us to come hither to be with them inside that stadium ring.


The organization of such things in magnitude is AMAZING.  The Japanese are superb at crowd control and moving the masses of people in orderly and organized fashion.  I was impressed.   And the people at hand to lead you to your entrance and your seat – were all so hard working and good at what they do.

I found my seat no problem at all being all alone on the first day.

The only thing I had problem with was the heat of the weather, and being at the stadium venue from 2pm onwards until the concert starts at 5.30pm was making me feel sticky all over waiting for the concert to start.

But with my TOHOSHINKI TIME TOUR BAG full of goodies with me, a new hat, the wristband & lightstick……
-- Sticky sweaty body or not – I was roaring to go….!!!

To be continued ---à>>
I will post my DAY 2 fan account really soon – I hope u come back to read about it !!
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Hello Friends,

Twitter friends ....
My dearest @Momisat49 & @NitaMaliana, regular twitter pals @jj_usagi,  @MinminYJ,@doctor_jae....
ALL MY YUNHO-ANGELS of Uknow thread at asianfanatics...... and many more of you guys I can't scroll down my twitter t-list...

Not sure if this is my fan account... but my head is all messy with so many things to tell you. I am writing here now cos some of u have tweeted, DM or Text my phone asking me how was it...

Twitter is just too short, and LINE is just not possible due to my bad connection.  I don't bother to consult or correct it right now cos time is just so precious with so much to do. HAHAHA

Sorry guys, last night was just soo full of EVERYTHING...We got so exhausted when we reached the hotel. Could only dragged ourselves into the shower and fell right into bed till just 2 hours ago this morning HAHAHA.  So here we hope is enough to give u a little bit of our excitement yesterday...


We heard the venue was filled with people queueing for goods since morning.
We arrived from TOKYO in the morning. No time to check in, just left our bags at counter for storage and rushed to Nissan for the 2nd ticket for my fren @lubemyshinki

SPECIAL THANKS to @MiinminYJ for selling me this special ticket.... I thought I could only see 1 show on 18.
This is a special bonus - but what a wonderful FIRST DAY.

Here goes..(forgive the errors & broken english)


----> Day ONE [17 Aug 2013]

I've been wanting to be at Nissan from the moment they made the announcement about it.  I know it was going to be ONE AWESOME historical event.  And I just SHOULD NOT miss being there. I know if I did, I would be kicking myself in the ass for life (hahaha)

(That's @natsumi81 & @lubemyshinki in the silhouette).... I love this walk, You can only imagine my jumping heart with every step


We were told by our friend Natsumi  (@natsumi81)  only sports events are held there &
SUPER SUPER MEGA HUGE JAPAN ARTISTES who are in the category of LEGENDS had held concerts there.
And for TOHOSHINKI to be there as a foreign group is amazing but not surprising.  Japan LOVE Tohoshinki...They will always be the leader of Korean Wave and they will always be THE FIRST IN a lot of things in Japan.

I agree with Natsumi... We just met her that day.  We did not know her at all before that.... we got her from twitter.  She is the person who gave my dear friend @lubemyshinki her ticket for 17.  After meeting her -- WE CLICKED...and its like we've known each other for years...

INSIDE THE VENUE ----> OMG !!!!! The place is huge.

Sitting in Nissan stadium, looking at how huge it is -- I thought this is indeed a gathering for the GODs.
A special Performance by an artiste who has that presence -- GODLY !!

Any artiste would fear to fill all those seats just for a ONE DAY concert.  YUNHO & CHANGMIN is having a full house for 2 days.  Tickets sold in just minutes... How Awesome is that???

My seat was on the STALL area - level 2. But I was lucky to have a good view of the MainStage. The left mini-stage was right infront of our section. I was excited -- Yunho'll be jumping dancing right there at that mini stage :)

The light wristbands were left on our seat.   It is white, has a huge face, very unassuming.
BUT OMG, that wristband was the `Mood Maker' of the concert. The connection between us fans & Homin.

While waiting we were taught how to use the wrist band. It was announced tt its got a sensor. Someone will control the lights during the concert. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER anyone use this in Japan. !!!



This is panoramic view of the entire stadium -- seats filled up. Just before the concert begins.

The nature of Nissan stadium... it does not matter where you are seated, you will have a good view of everything.

The stage is so cool. I love the walkways that connect all the small stages to the main stage. It forms the perimeter where the ground level ARENA seats are.  Those guys at ground level are so close... but they will be chasing the boys in 360 degrees.  At this point that I snapped these pictures - I was already in EUPHORIA -- extra-ordinarily Happy and excited.  I was alone for your information. @natsumi81 & @lubemyshinki was all the way at the other side of the stadium opposite the field.

But everyone got excited in the same feeling -- I never once felt I was alone despite my limited Japanese & the fact I look totally foreigner at my seat area.  MOST people around me are Japanese fans.




Ok don't ask me for specifics -- I think I was in HEAVEN last night.  The whole experience floats in my brain right now.  I am rushing too to the venue again for DAY 2so here are they randomly put ok... They are the ones that moved me the most.

@natsumi81 and @lubemyshinki were seated together at the Zone E side -- I was alone on the W side
But its ok ... I made friends fast -- I saw at least 8 boys around my area. With lightstick towels -- pumped & excited !!!

The concert started so suddenly.. I thought it was a teaser but a BE fan next to me said its already started.

I was jumping when i realised YUNHO was on my side. OMG in white they were like GODs at the most top level of the stage.

From the moment the concert started -- YH's face was super happy, always looking at the camera teasing.
I think he love seeing us.

Its so different to see them still in daylight on stage for LIVE.  It's refreshing though.

YH has the happy bug on this day, he kept looking into the camera -- I am a happy fan... HE IS SO HANDSOME !! its ok that his hair is messy cos of the wind.

OMG -- when night falls - the synchronized wristband worked perfectly turning Nissan into a magical wonderland of lights in unison.

The lights synchronised so beautifully.  Multi colors all changing at once... its REALLY  AWESOME !!

I remember Stans making an issue about colours of penlights.... Nissan & TOHOSHINKI team solved that for us in a friendly way. Showing us the colors does not matter to express ourselves and show our love for the boys.  I see so many colors that worked effectively from the use of the wristband. Its so beautifully done at different parts of the concert and songs.  GENIUS idea.... But athough all colors are used -- RED IS STILL SPECIAL...  During some specific songs -- RED WAS ON ALL THE WAY !!!!  The color of cassie, the color of BigEAST.  The RED OCEAN is above all colors because that is us !!! Ourr colour as ONE with the boys !!!  Beautiful.

The red ocean is GORGEOUS using just the wrist band. But when the pen light is on together.... the whole ocean sparkles so breathtaking....... IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

I can see Homin too were so amazed at the effect of our wristbands in this concert... it is a mood maker -- we feel that we are ONE with Yunho & Changmin at every point of the song

Nissan Finale is so special -- It is a 360 degrees experience. The whole entire stadium is participating..

This concert is so different -- Yunho & Changmin is so relaxed and warm.  We can feel so much love from them. They look so happy too.


{ this is not a video recorded by me -- It is fr youtube by someone at an angle close to where
I was seated. It gives you a very good idea of how gorgeous & BRILLIANTLY RED the red ocean is

credits: sairamunoz @youtube

IN OUR TIME !!!!!!!!


The part where they sang - IN OUR TIME was the most moving EVER EVER EVER !!!!
The wristbands colors from sea, white, blue -- then to red..... is just so magically beautiful.  I can hear Yunho's voice singing LALALA  slightly shaken at some points, probably he was moved by the sight of the lights surrounding the stadium.  From the ARENA as a fan watching everything around me - I am already so moved. My chest tightens with emotion, my eyes stinging with tears about to flow.... NOt of sadness but of happiness --- 1000% overflowing with happiness, that I was there last night to be a part of this, a memory that will live with me forever.

{ video is NOT MINE..... it is fr youtube - someone who sat on my same side of the stadium but different angle }

credits:- pisuCassie@youtube

In the midst of that overwhelming happiness I sent a silent prayer -- THAT ALL MY FRIENDS and all Yunho & Changmin fans who were not there amongst the 70 000 plus people.... will eventually get to experience this, somewhere somehow sometime, at least once in their life !!!!   Because in no way, NO OTHER ... NEVER EVER.... will any of us, devoted or fanatical or just fun-loving fans.... will be able to feel connected to Yunho & Changmin -  if we have not experienced to be with these 2 boys LIVE -- in a performance such as this....

I may be bias, but if you can chose I wished your experience would be in JAPAN.  Because in this concert I really could feel the LOVE expressed both ways.  From the fans to our boys and from Yunho & Changmin to all of us.  Even though at that moment there were 70,000 of us around them, but Yunho & Changmin's expression was sincerely sent to each one of us individually.  I have been to concerts before this, but in this one is the ONLY one I feel the boys TRULY WERE CONNECTED all the way.  It was because it is a special moment for them and us -- a special history created between us and for the world to see.


Long after Yunho & Changmin said goodnight.
Minutes passed after the last encore....
People were moving out - away from the seats around me, giggling & laughing -- talking still in excitement.

I was there seated, watching them passing by.
Part of me still in disbelief, that it all went by so fast --- The hours filled with euphoria had ended while i was still FULL OF EMOTIONS and happiness that never wanted to ebb or subside.  At that moment, I felt myself doubly lucky, that I will get to experience the whole thing ONE MORE TIME ---- AGAIN tonight.  Because If ever I had to go home with watching just one night concert ... I would be too dazed to remember anything....

The feeling was amazing !!!  Yunho's smiles and energy.... his voice, his jokes, the way he calls out to us in the audience.... EVERYTHING is magical but yet so real -- And what a historical moment it was...

That is all i can remember now people....THIS IS ONLY DAY ONE.....

TO BE CONTINUED ------->>>>>
I have to rush to the NISSAN STADIUM now for DAY TWO............

be back later to load pictures and my account for the second day... Let's cross our fingers my seat is  better than first day. :)
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I AM BACK !!!!!!


Hello my Live Journal friends, readers or just curious souls who peeked to see who I am & what I do HAHAHA.

OMG, I CANT BELIEVE IT I have been missing from this LIVE JOURNAL world like forever !!!

To those who read my `hanging' fanfics.... Jesus !!!  Its been ages and the boys' lives have changed so much since, haven't they?

What happened to me & where did I go ?

Honestly, its not that I have been totally out of the DONGBANG world... I have been there all the time still, especially following every step that Yunho made.  And of course stalking and keeping track of every possible connection between Yunjae (hehehe).  
I laid off Live Journal was becoz of the fan wars actually.

I was bashed by stans and those who disliked Yunho after I wrote a couple of my thoughts on the separation and of course the original poem I created for Yunho.  It was just unfortunate that my cyber name YUNHO-1-ONLY is used in almost all platforms of social media.  So it was quite easy to track me down.  I didn't really have a legion of hateful fans who stalked or bashed me till they made my life so miserable ..... nooo.  I had enough who expressed their angst and one directional point of views that affected my feelings.  I confessed some gave really hurtful words.  But it was a good thing I am a strong hearted girl with a good head on my shoulders.  I made a choice to disconnect and stop.

Live Journal is my only avenue where I left long blogs,  creative fiction that is close to real life.... or express openly my point of views to whatever situation i see.  To make matters worst, unlike other LIve Journalists who also included their REAL LIFE experiences in their journals --- mine is strictly Yunho or TVXQ.   So, I let myself be an open target for such confrontations.

STOPPING ENTRIES was the best.  I must say the hiatus took longer than i actually planned.  But It was a good long break. Twitter was a good alternative.  Well at least its `limited words'.  If i had to spazz or voice out an opinion, its not a long rambling one (my ultimate weakness) HAHAHAHA.

SO what is in store here on ???.....

Well for one it will include my DONG BANG experience....  I have promised several friends I made in this fandom to pen down my experiences at the concerts I been to in the past when the boys were 5.  I saw them in FITB and I saw them at the O concert in Malaysia.  I never really got down to writing those.  These fan accounts will be written specially for my dearest SPAZZMATES at the Asianfanatics Uknow Yunho Thread.  I love them soooo much.  So you will see entries with those fan accounts grazing this journal soon.  

The older concerts will be much later..... But soonest that I post would be the SM TOWN that I went to in Singapore last week.  Look out for that in the next couple of days ...


I am not sure if you could call me a fiction writer people.  I barely started with one fiction - SURVIVING THE STORM...
I had the episodes storyline sorted out till episode 7-8.  But its too close to the real time, happenings at that time... so i am not sure if the story angles are relevant anymore.  I will have to look through again and make changes if I ever decided to write and continue... I have not made up my mind yet.   WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Let me know.


Like I said I barely warmed up in trying to write fictions... so I never really got a hang to be fast and good at it yet.  But there are a few plots i jotted down.  But I have yet to spare the time to write the fiction out.... I will be free in december right through till the new year now that my work is over and I am back in Australia for a couple of months.  So who knows, I might have a go at it.

SO ..... Live Journal friends,.....   I don't know what this journey will have in store for me this time around.

But one thing for sure.... I will still use this platform to spazz about Yunho, Yunjae and the things I like.

I am more guarded now, perhaps with a stronger armor to fend myself from hurtful comments....  But I missed those encouraging ones so much .... especially those crazy ones, those who spazz along and just go whacky and have fun.

The real thing is -- TVXQ ... wherever they are .... as 1, 2, 3 or 5.... are great people who display great examples.

I love them & I will forever spread that love..... ALWAYS !!!


My Baby Is Blue... {My poem to Yunho}

As a leader we’ve read, seen and heard how Yunho always puts forward a character & personality of someone who is strong, unshaken by whatever situation.  I wonder if you have read his interview in a magazine I think about his favourite music called `MUSICIANS CHOICE’.  Yunho disclosed his choice of music & how some of those brought him to what he is today and how some keep him company & gives him motivation through moments of his life.. 

If you have not read it here is the link to a translated posting at DBSKnights here is the link:

My response after reading:
In that interview, Yunho slowly unveiling his true feelings going through these difficult times.   It is good that Yunho is slowly beginning to open up – to show people that being silent doesn’t mean that he does not feel.  He is human - he cuts & bleeds.

I have always wished I could put across a letter to Yunho…send him words that he is not alone, we constantly watch him and we know.  And eventhough I cant be there by his side to hug him, comfort him, and make him smile.  I'm here supporting him eventhough we’re separated by thousands and thousands of miles.

So instead I wrote this poem….. the words may be sad, it made me cry.  But in it are moments of inspiration I get from a man who is so strong, whom I am so proud of. Because despite everything and anything that is going on around him, inside him…… he still puts others before himself.....

I am a novice not a poet.  These are thoughts that came from the humble mind & heart of….a fan…someone who loves Yunho….because he’s touched my life…and I will forever be there for him……REGARDLESS

MY POEM FOR YUNHO this trying times...

Your comments would be awesome!! I'd love to know how you feel reading that article as well.
JUNG YUNHO FIGHTING ...............


My Rambling thots ~ My Safety Bubble has finally burst

Gosh its daylight soon.  At 3am earlier, I thot I could turn in after browsing through some fansites I usually stuck my nose into… to keep my TVXQ fire burning…Keep my faith strong.


But then I was wrong….. I came across something that tore the very center of my being…Oh dear God please MAKE THIS ALL STOP !! 


Since last year, I have been avoiding bad chatrooms and rumours abt the band.  Refrain from listening or pondering over comments made by frantic fans who semed to float any news in cyberspace, regardless if they were true or mere baseless speculations.  I got hurt so many times reading those.  I saw how bad it made either side of the boys look.  Finger pointing, rude bashing & dangerous accusations that spread like wild fire. I was in fear, as to how the situation could eventually break strong Cassies apart.  I cried countless times. My heart ached repeatedly.….I was not alone.  Thousands felt the same way.


I found the solution to avoid the rumours.  Stopped visiting the chatrooms… trust legitimate announcements and news and then leave it at THAT !!! Don’t analyse or evaluate further.  Most of all, I trust only words and announcements from the boys themselves.


I then created my own bubble… hung around positive places.  Threads and forums that inspire good positive thoughts.  That celebrate every little effort or achievement of the member/s.  I love every single member of TVXQ as I would my own family.  They have changed & coloured my life tremendously.  But my favourite is Yunho…. I LOVE YUNHO…I always will !!  And all this while his fans have become my dearest of friends. The ones who kept me strong and gave me comfort & safety from this craziness that silently eats the fandom.


But last nite… My safe bubble was not spared – The spreading wildfire was too strong. The bubble i created no longer could protect me from circulating lies & rumours.  The sharp pain in my heart returned. Keeping me restless and pacing the night …and  as morning approached – the heaviness in my heart lingered.


In the past months, when friends on the net felt betrayed, lost and crumbled to pieces, I was the strong one giving words of comfort to continue believing.  Now for the first time– I am the one who is lost….


I am not hurting becoz the band eventually will be apart.  I have accepted that reality…… But it hurt so much…. how the malicious words being spread are making this whole separation so ugly, dirty & decietful…..inflicting so much to the band, their family and their fans.– These are words that were never before associated with being the characteristics of TVXQ!!!


Still after the pain….. after the tears….. After all the analysis done….after all explanations said….I still am in doubt if those I read are the truth……But GOD it still hurt.


I am saddened.  We used to be fans who respect and love each other – but now we’re separated and accusing one another.  We were fans who used to support every member regardless who our favourites were… And now we’re boycotting and condemning their events and activities.


I cried watching Cassies torn apart…… OH DEAR GOD MAKE IT ALL STOP !!!...

 And If I am feeling this way….. I wonder how the boys are feeling as they watch us Now ?  


Regardless if the fire that was spreading were truth or lies….

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" How long have I been in this storm?
So overwhelmed by the ocean's sleepless form
If only I could see you, everything would be alright
If I am with you, this darkness will turn to light...."
                                                                                                            ~ Storm - a song by LIfehouse

TITLE:          Surviving The Storm
Author:        yunho1only 
Pairings:      Yunjae (mostly) with Junsu, Yuuchun, Changmiin, their friends & family
Genre:          Drama, angst
Length:        Chaptered -  3 / ?
Rating:         PG-13 (for now)

Since the Lawsuit, everything the boys do whether individually or otherwise were speculated and interpreted in a myriad of ways. In some cases, they would spark rumours that ran amok over the internet, upsetting thousands of fans.  To make matters worst, the boys are split up and always seen in public as 2 separate groups.  The current dynamics upset the whole DBSK coupling that fans so truly love, especialy YUNJAE.  Is the core of the group, the Umma & Appa who always keep them together still holding strong ? Is the storm slowly but surely shaking them apart?  Will they survive it all ?

EVERYTHING you read here is PURELY FICTION and a figment of my imagination.  Its written for everyone's reading enjoyment only - never intended to imply or spark any rumour about TVXQ in any way.

Chap 1   < PART 1 >
Chap 1   < PART 2
Chap 2


My Opinion on The TVXQ PAUSE ~ why I think it is a positive thing .....

Hello everyone,

I have read journals & chat with several close friends who are great fans of TVXQ.  It breaks my heart  how much they hurt, fear and yet try to be strong after the news. I have always thought of writing down my opinions on the repercussions brought about by the lawsuits, and how the situation could have been looked at positively and not as a doomsday waiting to happen.  And then the recent news of the `PAUSE' was announced.... I too cried for a couple of days.... but suddenly it struck me -  that I should journal down my thoughts.


As an ardent fan, TVXQ changed my life - to a better one...its amazing.  I share here my exploration of thoughts on how this all could be a blessing in disguise.  So please indulge with me..... hopefully my long rambling thoughts can help make you feel better and find your own positive  perspective to things that are happening with our boys right now.........



Like everyone else, I too was shocked and felt shattered by the news. Who isn't right?  Its ok to cry and feel afraid.  What we fear is real - a disbandment could happen.  I feel my heart being ripped off my chest and my whole body weak, just thinking of that possibility.

But hey....If we ourselves paused, and gave it a thought
realistically....change IS a part of life isn't it?  I told myself it would be hard to accept TVXQ changing.....We love them so much. They have extra-ordinary talents....kind, sincere, different from any other groups – They are one of a kind.  We value them, we want them to stay together forever because they mean so much to us. We can't imagine living without them.  But the truth is change in TVXQ will happen eventually. If not now, somewhere in the future. 

Realistically speaking....even without the lawsuit, the boys will grow, mature & venture new paths in their career.  TVXQ is a hardworking group.  They constantly challenge themselves to achieve new heights.  It's the only way for them to expand their talents & become greater.  Prevent themselves from being stale.  So even without the lawsuit, it is inevitable that our beloved boys would explore their solo careers.  Be apart from each other  in one way or another to do that. While on the personal side, they will  mature as great men – eventually living on their own - outside the DONG BANG HALL.  Making new friends and venture with new people.

But what stays unchanged is the BOND - the spirit of 5.
That they will always be together, in mind body & spirit, despite what they do or where they are.   They are brothers - tight - united - unshaken.  They have fought battles that brought them to hell and back.  They have gone through so much and worked so hard together to be where they are. They shared numerous priceless experiences that filled their hearts with unspeakable joy & happiness, as well as sadness that left scars to remind forever too.  Through it all, our boys have created a relationship that is extra-ordinary.   It is in the nature of men - when they have shared something like THAT with their buddies, they will stick to each other for life.  Sometimes even willing to die for one another.  That is how strong their kinship is.  So I start telling myself.....


That is where I should ALWAYS KEEP MY FAITH

Never to doubt that the SPIRIT OF 5 – the bond of friendship will



So my dearest friends, I started to think positive about the `PAUSE'.  Its part of life's plan, that is good for them.  A `PAUSE' that is not towards their friendship, their bond or their love for one another – but a `PAUSE' towards their activities together, as a group = its just their work.  Besides, TVXQ has reached the peak, the highest in Korea as well as in Japan. They have made the world who do not understand Japanese or Korean noticed them, emulate or even copied them.  They have appeared on foreign language news for creating a TVXQ phenomenon in countries they never heard of. TVXQ is a force to be reckon with – they are GODS!!.  They have fans from every corner of the world !!  They have done THE MOST – no other band could or had ever done. 

If there wasn't a lawsuit....

TVXQ was still in their hectic schedule the way they always were, year in year out - somewhere this time of the year,  they would be coming up  with yet another concept for a comeback wouldn't they ??  They would be expected to make another hit album.  The pressure would be so great.  And if they failed, or in the slightest bit achieved less perfect than they did before  -  OH GODD, OMG... the media and anti-fans would be merciless.  It would definitely break the boys' spirits & make them sad.  I remembered how worried they were during Mirotic.  They were slowly  beginning to doubt their staying power.  Not confident  if fans would accept the album concept and their new image.  But of course for us fans, we said they were worried for nothing.  `Sexy' image is good - it sells!!

In the past years - TVXQ have tried all styles and concept approached to their albums and singles. But think about it... if they were to produce another Korean comeback album this year...and If their activities were not hindered & situations were not disrupted by the lawsuit...How else could they impress us?  They can't stay the same. There are so many new and fresh groups around.  The competition is tough.

It IS scary - coz when you are so good and at the top, the worst enemy and competitor is yourself.  How well can you keep staying up there, keep being the best?  Because if you slipped, the public is quick to accuse that you are not good anymore - showing traits of failing, falling down from your throne.


I don't think TVXQ would venture into the english or international market like the Wonder Girls .  The boys know, they are not ready - YET!!  Besides, right now, they already have broken into the international market just being what they are, doing what they already done.  They had been so busy all this while  - no time to be proficient at singing WELL in english and speaking fluently.  IF TVXQ were to venture the International english market, their target is not to compete with other asian aritstes who made it internationally or the likes of Wonder Girls, but to challenge the international bands & artistes.  They have to do good, if not very well on the Billboard charts.  It IS expected of them - that is the pressure.


Putting a `PAUSE' when you've reached the TOP...

 is a smart move..

Being the King and the BEST IN ASIA, they have blazed and conquered.  Right now, they hold the record at almost everything !!    Record sales, number one hits, concert turnouts, impeccable image, work attitude, character, and the largest number of fans....EVERYTHING!!!  In Japan, they even broke records made by international artistes - and hey, these are Elton John, Bon Jovi & Michael Jackson - who are not recent artistes but people who have been in the industry for years.  Which proved no other artistes after them  in all these years - international or otherwise - have managed to break their achievements - EXCEPT TVXQ !!!  How AWESOME is THAT !!!


The PAUSE on group activities allow TVXQ's  Individual talents & strengths to shine. They could venture different things they never could have done together.  Our boys are so popular,  in whatever show they guest appeared in.  People, fans or non fans alike, want to see them on TV - they are in high demand.  Everyone knows who is TVXQ, recognize them as a group and individually too. How many times can you remember each member of any band group, other than from the lead singer or the prominent ones?  Each TVXQ member's personality is equally popular as their united group personality.  I think that is so amazing really.
TVXQ's fanbase's age group has grown wider too.  Pre-schoolers to granmas.  Male and female alike.  An entire family can be a TVXQ fan.  But the most astounding & powerful characteristic of TVXQ fans is – they not only root for their favourite member, BUT would give support to efforts and works by other members as well.  The band's `selfless & no jealousy' traits rubbed off to their fans too.

In view of all these, I think fans and the public can be more forgiving if their performance in these new areas of work are less perfect, or showed flaws.  Strangely sometimes even the media is less harsh in their comments or criticism.  They sometimes go to the extent of encouraging their efforts for trying even more.  Because they are new - still green.

Solo activities keep them in the limelight

The stagnant situation on the lawsuit could work wonders for them.  There are numerous groups in history that eventually fizzled and disappeared from the limelight when group activities are frozen due to disputes in lawsuits.  Only 1 or 2 members would continue to shine.  TVXQ's lawsuit is taking longer than expected.  TVXQ can't keep quiet  and not updating to fans on what is going on during all this waiting .....

I think it is brave of the boys and expected of the companies especially AVEX to announce the `PAUSE'.  It acts as a marker, a go ahead towards individual activities officially.  The long wait for the case to resolve could risk TVXQ members being forgotten when they are still at their prime.  Each and everyone of them has their own strength, talent and attraction.  Unique individually just as well as they were as a goup.  Individual activities keep them busy -  keep them in the industry.  Always being seen, spoke of and reported by the media.  THAT IS IMPORTANT for any artiste – ...... TO BE SEEN and not forgotten.... This way there will be fresh news about them all the time .... apart from the stale & tiring news on their snail paced lawsuit...   I think it is amazing that each one of the TVXQ members is in high demand, doing things that  individual members of other band groups could only dreamed of !!!


The only downside to the individual activities during this moment of lawsuit chaos is  - it hindered TVXQ from showing their affection, care and support for one another.  The boys have always been so encouraging towards each other – openly supporting and praising one another's efforts and achievements.  THAT is what that makes their TVXQ's spirit unique.  No bitterness or jealousy – just strength and encouragement. Sincere, selfless and unconditional love they have for each other.  I MISS THAT.  If there were no lawsuits – the boys would be singing praise on each other's activities. Joked and teased about it.  Be seen present at their individual events.  Speaking to cameras openly how much they are proud of what the other member did alone on his own.  And we know how much those words of support & love meant to that member who is being praised, whether he succeed or did fairly well..... The lawsuit prevent this from happening freely.  But I have faith that it still goes on regardless – behind closed doors.  Because knowing our boys..... no hurdles will stop them from expressing their support for one another, privately.



So.....THE PAUSE ~ is not that Bad !!


Style, concepts, trademarks & strategies can become stagnant or stale very easily.  And whenever that happens – anyone or anybody, no matter how good you are, can become BORING. There is this saying `Too much of a good thing is dangerous'. When you are still wanted – leave or stay away for awhile, ..... so that people will miss you.  Always thinking of you.  Comparing your greatest achievements to those after you, who still have not been able to topple you off your throne. Kept talking about you.  Yearning & longing for your return.  Then your comeback will be a powerful and a meaningful one, because while you were away, the anticipation builts up – waiting to explode when you return !!


Whenever that may be .......




We're undaunted, our faith will never change ~ forever, eternally !!



Instead of 1 activity to get excited over – Now we have 5 different ones !!



A/N Comments are welcomed.... share with me your views, regardless if you agree or disagree.   CHEERS :)



" How long have I been in this storm?
So overwhelmed by the ocean's sleepless form
If only I could see you, everything would be alright
If I am with you, this darkness will turn to light...."
                                                                                                            ~ Storm - a song by LIfehouse

TITLE:          Surviving The Storm
Author:        yunho1only 
Pairings:      Yunjae (mostly) with Junsu, Yuuchun, Changmiin, their friends & family
Genre:          Drama, angst
Length:        Chaptered -  2 / ?
Rating:         PG-13 (for now)

Since the Lawsuit, everything the boys do whether individually or otherwise were speculated and interpreted in a myriad of ways. In some cases, they would spark rumours that ran amok over the internet, upsetting thousands of fans.  To make matters worst, the boys are split up and always seen in public as 2 separate groups.  The current dynamics upset the whole DBSK coupling that fans so truly love, especialy YUNJAE.  Is the core of the group, the Umma & Appa who always keep them together still holding strong ? Is the storm slowly but surely shaking them apart?  Will they survive it all ?


This fiction is written and inspired by the current situation faced by TVXQ.  The incidents, events, activities may seemed identical or slightly similar to those in real life, but they DO NOT in anyway depict or imply the actual happenings. The words spoken or thoughts from the boys in this fiction are not their's ..everything created as part of the story. EVERYTHING you read here is PURELY FICTION and a figment of my imagination.  Its written for everyone's reading enjoyment only - never intended to imply or spark any rumour about TVXQ in any way.

Chapter ONE   < PART 1 >

Chapter ONE  < PART 2 >

Chapter TWO